Publicerad 14 juni 2023

Solution Quality Assurance Process

SFTI aims to support parties with products, solutions, or services that implement SFTI standards and recommendations through two Solution Quality Assurance Processes (QAP), one process for Issuers and one for Receivers.

Each QAP enables and facilitates parties to demonstrate that their solution, product or service reaches a degree of quality. Quality assurance is targeting the business documents generated (Issuers QAP) or received (Receivers QAP) by products, solutions, or services with the goal to add substance or credibility to quality and conformance claims, thereby giving users greater confidence in such claims. However, it should be appreciated that successful QAP does not imply certification of the product, solution, or service.

The quality of a solution, product or service is determined, in the QAP, through automated testing and manual inspection.

  • Automated testing is a determination that is based on tests performed by automated procedures on pre-defined Quality Items.
  • Manual inspection is a manual examination of a solution, product, service or inputs based on a checklist and the professional judgement of the inspector(s). The manual checks are intended to increase the quality of solutions, products and services without an ambition of providing fully formalised or automated Quality Item checks.

The successful end to a QAP is an approval for publication in the SFTI List of quality assured solutions.

Contents of this guide

Scope of the QA process

The quality assurance processes is limited to those business documents that are recommended, from time to time, by SFTI as well as supported in SFTI’s automated webservice for verification of business documents, on

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